Cse-M Kft. :: OXBO, Pixall, harvesters, parts, corns, beens


CSE-M Kft. has a well-equipped workshop providing a superior technical infrastructure for the operation of its machinery. It maintains and operates its own harvesters itself. CSE-M staff are appropriately skilled both in the theory and practice of operation and maintenance.

Repair services

  • Repair services cover agricultural machinery and road vehicles. We have dedicated service vans to provide field and on-site service to customers.
  • We also offer shipping, ironworking and welding services.
  • Our special welding processes and hot and cold metal spraying technologies provide substantial cost savings to customers.

Harvest services

CSE-M Kft. uses its own fleet to provide harvesting services to customers that don't have high-end equipment of their own. Our customer base includes canning factories, cold-storage plants and farmers. We offer round-the-clock harvesting services of outstanding quality for sweet corn, hybrid corn, green beans and peppers across Hungary and in neighbouring countries.